I am personal and business development coach focused on helping others overcome challenges when creating and building their businesses. My anxiety disorder and OCD held me hostage for 20+ years. I struggled silently hoping it would go away on its own because I deathly feared that moment when I had to come to terms with what was going on. I honestly thought I was the only one who had this problem. Little did I know that being vocal about it, seeking help and facing the “crazy” (as I called it) head on would bring massive healing and my life back while opening a door to help others. It’s amazing what happens when we get out of our own way, surround ourselves with positivity and put our nose to the grindstone.

After overcoming my anxiety I went on to graduate from the Coaches Training Institute as a Co-Active Life Coach and then completed my Master Black Belt in Six Sigma from Villanova University. Six Sigma focuses on process, planning and root cause analysis. Although it was created for the manufacturing industry I have used many of the tools in coaching and business building- the results have been stunning.

I get asked often if I still have anxiety or worry that something won’t go the way I intend- Of course I still feel a little anxiety with some things, especially when my To Do List isn’t full because I like to be productive, but it can’t be too full (moms, you get me) however my life is completely different now and coaching was a huge part of the process! The empowerment I have now has made my anxiety a small part of my life. We should all be living a life that we call the shots of, not our stress. 

I have been married to my military man for over a decade and am a mom of 4. I can be found in my garden (praying that my plants grow), doing laundry (because that never ends), feeding our pets (we have too many), at one of my children’s schools volunteering or working with my coaching clients. My goofy laugh is recognizable from a block away and my friends call me a hippie wanna be because I have tie dyed one too many things. I am still on my own journey but now I appreciate ALL of it, even the stress. 

I’m happy you’re here and took the time to read about me. Check back often as I am always starting new workshops and group coaching classes.